Leaving Alcatraz

Sometimes it’s like that. Even the halls of Paradise come to resemble the dull, grey walls of a prison. The light of eternal radiance wanes dim and squalid, passions tepid, the warmth gone from the eyes and mouth. Sometimes it’s like that.   The days recede and languish. The clock’s unending march. The haven once […]

Situational Comedy

It’s not funny, but I’m laughing, anyway. Laughing so hard it hurts. Hurts more than the memory, more than the act of it, more than all the pain in the world.   Broken puzzles with no time to solve them, they’re just pieces abandoned, alone. The call of comfort, isolated, indiscernible from the heavy breathing […]


I get up a 04:00 to write, everyday. No, I’m serious. Today I woke up at 03:00 to get some work published for your reading pleasure. Now off to work, to pay the bills, for words are smoke tendrils and these hallucinations have yet to manifest into a mortgage payment.   Thank you all for […]


When did it get so hard to breath? Around my neck, whose hands are these? I wasn’t supposed to be arbitrary. We were both supposed to find analogs and die in comfort.   There is nothing left that I could want to give you and still you just sit there looking at me like you’re […]

Letting You In

Trying to keep you at arm’s length where I can see you, in striking distance. I can’t afford another blindside. I’ve been rocked on my feet too many times.   Wish I could trust you. How much I know you? You’ve been my savior, you’ve been my friend, still I engage you like an adversary. […]

Surface Dwellers

I’ve got a shovel, I’m digging for more. Digging real deep, now, hunting to find. Straining for treasure, reaching out far and wide and in and down into this experience. Digging up old bones. Looking for oil, looking for gold; a little bit of control in this madness.   Broke my shovel again. Digging with […]


I’m supposed to have the answers, but I don’t and I don’t care. Not sure I ever did, have answers I mean; I know I never cared. I suppose it’s just a gift, I guess. Sociopathic as it is. Disconnected, isolated and content to live my own existence. But the questions linger, they sit and […]