Black Egg

  So rarely from the outside in, skin side out, inside grin. Sick little twist appeal not like that one, or that one; is it even real? Light doesn’t reach the inside. What can it hide? Can’t quite see what it might be; better try to divide. Crack it open. Break its shell. When that […]

Rumors of Wars

  Strike before the sun has risen and lay the day before you prostrate, like a vanquished foe, or a satiated lover. Be ready, for the next blow comes, not from the front, but from behind. The truth of the New Day Crusader.   Conflict is as conflict does and friction keeps the wheels from […]

An Accident on Purpose

  Confidence; you always had a way about you, ever since I can recall. Throw back to an old hand gesture, telling me everything about how you feel. Skin shows through holes in denim, like accusations levelled in silence and there’s almost a taste of self incarceration.   Why did you ever buy me flowers? […]


Every day, I try to take my art a little further than the day before. Sometimes there are results, sometimes not, but there is always the effort and the journey. 2 more tickets to the sideshow. Enjoy -HG

Stay Woke

  Malignant. Every way I can look at this, shows me more of your tolerance; your ability to navigate in this world.   I am increasingly doubtful of your grasp of this reality. You’ve given up control to some other entity. Bereft of sense, sleepy eyed and drifting to the left again.   Wake up. […]


  How could I even begin to describe who we are on the inside? There’s one inside another, inside another and so on. Called to give the prisoners a lecture. Words distilled down into a tincture. Secret of the universe scrawled on the inside of an eggshell, but what the hell.   They’re on the […]