Dance, dance, Marionette; sway to the beat of my heart. Black, black, as a hole in the night, no safe space but what I provide.   Please me, or be smashed around. I have no one sympathetic left in me. A wound unsutured; be my plaything, be my servant.   Friend, I don’t suppose I’ve […]


Sometimes, I feel like I don’t exist until you notice me. I am a far off star, burned out by the time my photons enter through your eye and your brain says, “Hey, there’s a star up there.”   -HG

Birth Eulogy

  These are the words of my unbridled imagination. I have tried my best to keep them as untrue as possible, to push my mind deep into the dark recesses and bring back the things I find for you. I ask only that you read with an open heart, an open mind and no expectations. […]


  It comes so easy to admit to you that I don’t know. That I’m afraid, I’m terrified, but I’m still holding on.   I dropped down a sounding line to check the depth and by the time it ran out of my hands, I was already mortified. This just goes on and on and […]


  Stitching my split mind together again. Severed too long, divided and unable to stand against chaos, the rabble, the cutthroats. Get out the needle, repair the divide.   Grinning through split lips, tasting the blood, a moment of indecision costs the initiative. One punch lucky, sometimes that’s all it takes, smash the enemy once, […]


Writing… … sometimes, it all comes together and it’s effortless, like the universe is just flowing through your fingertips. Other times, it’s not unlike teaching a rock and a toaster to fuck – senseless and impossible, but damned if you’re not going to spend precious time and frustration trying to make it happen. I think […]

Looking For Heroes

      I’m not looking for heroes, I don’t think they’re there. I’m not seeking a savior, to come out of thin air. I’m not waiting for someone to come heal my pain, I’m just trying to make it through today and I think you should do the same.   I’m not saying there’s […]