Plastic Islands

I can’t tell if you were always like this, a broken metaphor, or something more. A brilliant crisis, I guess I never understood, or tried to understand. I guess I didn’t really give a damn.   Crushed by the waves, imploding under pressure; the way a vacuum sucks. You used to seek such treasures, never […]


I have never been a “tow the line” type of guy. I have always valued the learning potential of chaos and failure. When your default setting is absolute, inconsolable panic; the idea of uncertainty becomes your shadow.   Remain unpredictable. Be chaos. Everyone loves surprises.   -HG

Sexless Affection

Don’t say the words. Shut your mouth. Don’t part your lips, utter another phrase. You drive me insane with every syllable. Just sit in silence. Let’s listen to the blood flow in our veins. The sounds of our hearts beating might just drive us mad. Too bad we’re already there. Just the sound of your […]

Out of My Shell

If this all seems ethereal, it’s because it was written in a dream. Consecrated in snail shells, before they went out and became slugs. Coming out of your shell doesn’t always mean that you’ll be beautiful. Butterfly wings are not for everyone and metamorphosis is highly overrated; rare as a gracious favor. More of us […]


Are you my resurrection? Cold dawn hallucination? A shard of some broken memory that cuts me deeply, revealing long gone infatuation.   These things corrupted me, right down to my bones and I burned hotter than a magma field trying to get it out, trying to forget, those dreams that were not dreams.   Crystal […]


I would just like to thank all of you for reading this blog and taking part in this weird journey with me. Yesterday marked the 400th follower to the blog and I am humbled beyond measure that so many see fit to involve themselves with the chaotic ramblings of a dishevelled mind. I will keep […]


Gripping with the fingernails. Gaining that slight purchase. Picking away at imperfections, never knew there were so many. Slide a finger in behind the thin veneer that covers vessels, watch your smiling eyes disappear; I bet you never knew this pleasure. Stripping off that wasted paint and layer upon layer of dismal compensation. You don’t […]