700 posts and counting. It is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for all of you. The fact I know that you are out there, means that I am here writing to someone that I and not a madman, screaming into the ether. I hope that you all have a day blessed with what good things […]

New Dawn Twilight

  Now is the time; sun set, sun rise, it doesn’t matter. Take what care you need; only what you need. Only what will keep you alive and strong and human.   It is time to go. This place has become death. A mortuary, stripped of all nurturing secrets. Drained down; dead and poisoned. Corrupted […]

Sucker Fish

  There are ways to see what you are hiding inside. Tricks of the trade, you might say, to see what you hide. Exposing every secret, highlighting every flaw, can’t separate the skin, from what’s beneath too far. A mask of smile and comfort belies a rictus grin, inside you’re laughing at them, until you’re […]

The Color of Atmosphere

So, now this is something else, now that you’ve seen it, it is no longer just chemistry. It is more than just language. Is it art, or is it heresy?   Are you hearing my voice speaking in your head? That’s funny, you have never heard a word. So, imagine what I am feeling now, […]


  5 years… …696 posts… and all of you.   When a writer writes, I like to think it is because they are constantly in conversation with the universe. A mind unbound and more than a little bit unsettled. Nomadic, tribal instinct capturing the stories trapped deep in the long history of our genetic code. A […]

Blood Stained Dress

  That look you gave me said that you were afraid and didn’t believe the reconciling lies that came from the other side; such an upsetting time.   Events turn to crying and denials. Pretty words for pretty girls and overstated reasons lead to misunderstandings.   Every modern convenience has given you a jaded apathy. […]