I’m right where I need to be, between the devil and the deep blue sea, between the sky above me and the Earth below; I don’t know what I don’t know.   I can’t care enough to lie, and I can’t count the times I’ve died a little inside when you walk by.   There […]

The Clock Tower

Revenge is best left to angels, ’cause I know I haven’t seen Heaven. I have no righteous indignation, just a long and simmering hatred. My resilience breaks now beside you, all of these important messages, just click by like falling snowflakes and I can’t harbour anymore resentment.   When time dies, it doesn’t matter anymore. […]

My Neurochemistry is Sketchy at Best, but…

.. if I understand it correctly, neurons create tiny pulses of electricity that fire across little dendrite synapses, triggering cells in various parts of my brain to release chemicals and hormones that another part of my brain decodes into emotions and yet another part of my brain translates into words; so, what you are reading […]

The Mist Walker

Morning mist embraces these forsaken streets, giving them an air of mystery; like a veil hides undiscovered beauty.   Slipshod building facades frown narrowly on a lone passerby.   A lank and dreary fellow, making his necessary mile before the Sun burns away the clouds to reveal the day.   Dew drops cling to hat […]


We have been going out of our way to avoid this as best we can, but words aren’t such a simple thing when we don’t understand.   I give to you, you give to me, exchanges that supplant the feeling we know we need, but we don’t understand.   It’s been a while since either […]

You and The Infinite

Open the door, that’s the first step to let it in, to let it out. Now, take one step and then again; you’re on your way towards the end.   I have no way to entice you forward, upward and out of your mind. I see you, as if sitting in a prison; eyes blind, […]