It’s time to find what we can burn, for warmth, for life, forever. What old thing hanging on, dead skin, tattered coat, battered chair, that might provide kindling in the coming season.   The wind blows in, billowing with ill intent, sending us clamoring to our closets for our warmest memories. Tell me a tale […]

The Magic Man

It’s time to call the Magic Man. The leaves are on the ground again. The world bends to his sleight of hand and all the dead come back again.   Memory fades, the pain abates, the world becomes brown and grey. Call on the Magic Man to play a trick on you and it can […]


I don’t think I understand impossible. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how it goes. Every little change makes more things possible and every obstacle can be overcome.   There are no strings, no ropes, no chains restraining us; they’re not really there, they’re illusions. There is no sky, no ground, just […]


Spent some time travelling this week; for business, not for pleasure, but I wrote in different places, which paid strange dividends. Stuck in the life of adult nine to twenty, back and forth, a cold, friction grind. One can benefit from a change in location, sucking in the universe from a different set of coordinates. […]

A Perfect War

All around me is danger; that latent human potential. Words are a sword to cut with, my bones, a full metal jacket. Every circumstance is heightened: that fuck or flight reaction.   Adrenal dump, pumping heart, racing thoughts; no excuses, only reaction time. Slippery snake, higher reptile mind. Base height too high and climbing, neuro-endorphin […]

Lowered Expectations

Let me just hear you say that we got here accidentally and we weren’t doomed to fail; we just got lost in the majesty, of what it was and what it is and what we thought could be.   Never mind all our fears, try to forget my awkward gestures try to forget betrayal; maybe […]