Peak. Valley. I am a wild parabola. Restraint, cyanide veins. I run in extremis. Cold. Hot. Where there never was. I create vacuum, until the differential rush fills me up and I am gone. I never existed where there was something. I am the horizon.   -HG         Advertisements

Monster Soup

What could I do to show you how I feel? In my more prescient moments, it almost all makes sense, but then I’m back under the swell again. I open my mouth to scream and I get that drowning feeling; it’s like water in my lungs. I try to wave, but I’m treading away. Caught […]

Day Space

We never learned how to follow the stars. We were born in the day, afraid of the dark. Taught one way, denied the other. One point of view blind to another.   Never thought to question this infatuation with hiding in plain sight. This constant agrivation, there are no more forevers when the horizon line […]


She wore her bangs straight for the first time. Wasn’t really sure how it framed her face, but she needed a change, to set a new pace and the logical place to start was her hair.   Changing our situation takes more than a Tuesday afternoon and no amount of touch-ups can keep back the […]


There is no free lunch. The dining car is closed. There’s a cheap freak show going on in there and you’re not going to be invited… …ever. Don’t try to think about what you might be missing out on; the things that they’re doing with all the food and wine bottles. Don’t let your mind drift […]

More Than Conquerors

It’s gonna drag you to the gallows on  a cold night in November. It’s gonna raise the knife above you, chase you  down with dogs and guns. It’s gonna step on your throat, laughing, it’s gonna hear your strangled cry; fear will kill you, sure as the morning light.  The Grinning Reaper.   Never fought […]

Panic Upon Waking

Loud, crazy scramble. Black symbols on a deep, green background. Pan over, wide focus; it’s a dress pattern. Morbid fascinations, like birds and skeletons and trying to build reality using dream geometry. Long lines that never intersect, senselessly impossible angles, flying buttresses ‘that won’t come down; they just fly away. Winged predator features. Raptor beaks, […]