3 More Pieces of Me 08.19.17

Life, death, love and rebirth are the themes of this week’s poems. Life is an ever evolving and changing thing that requires us to diligently tend the fires of our passions and be ready to receive the lessons life imparts. The wisdom of the universe is there for the taking, through pain and victory, loss […]

The First Time + Forever

Remember the morning. In the still-dark, when my hands find you and my lips follow. In the half-sleep, we seek comfort and finding each other, the fear fades. The morning sky lights shine on over the eastern rise, to find two lovers holding on while day breaks.   Remember the morning. Let the light of […]

Surviving a Plane Crash

So, this is the impossible thing that I have asked of you. Never said anything we ever did was going to be very easy. You’ve been clinging to your life, like you think that you need it, but you look the other way every time you have to live, as if every day were the […]


I felt a morning breeze drag its fingers across my face; a gentle wake up call, before the heavy hand of the day would fall.   I climbed up out of Hell, just as I did every morning and I took a look around. Somehow, the whole world had changed on me again.   Slow, […]


It’s okay, we’re all allowed to make the change, or stay the same; whatever gets you through the day, to the next one and the next one. Amen.   Give it all you’ve got, or not. It’s just going to be you standing in the queue waiting for judgement. Whether it comes, or not; it […]


Never regretted it; not even for a moment. The long view essential, for a tomorrow’s making. Casting a glance about me, all I can see is breaking; even this path before me goes to pieces slowly.   Still that will not stop me. I have nothing, if not stubborn tendencies. Break my jaw and wire […]

Whiskey Painted Holocaust

Black death negative. I heard a voice in my head screaming, pleading with me to go. I held on, despite the rising tide of terror and the insane screaming.   What have I done? What is still left to do? There was a point to this when I began, I’m sure of it now. All […]