True Black

I flicked off the light

and blew out the candles,

because I can only write to you

from the dark.


Sunlight’s too bright

and stark filament fires

burn away the meaning.

Even these new compact LED’s

just wash out white,

evaporating the words

that sit in shadows.


I play in shades of grey

and these clinical blue hues

imbued by institutional fixtures

dilute and corrupt each meaning,

like well meaning friends

vying to buy your politics.


Best to keep it clean.

Best to do the deed in darkness.

It is better to have one honest word

to speak aloud in absence,

than to read a diatribe of untruths

in crowded daylight.


I have always treasured the honesty of night.

It is the place where fear dwells.

The monster’s lair.

The soul taker.

And be he as he may;

twisted, ferocious and terrible,

he is honest.


Rare is it to find honest company these days

and even though

the light must come

and I will slay the creature;

it will be with an honest word

forged in darkness.


HG – 2017


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