Under The Skin

Trust me with your skin;

your most precious obsession.

Open, I want in.

Touch me, I will lessen

the voices in your head,

the beating of your heart.

I will make you numb.

I’ll tear you apart.


My hands could never harm,

only hold you close.

Take you by the arms,

bind you tight with rope.

Red and full your lips,

eyes like smoke and fire.

Tearing down your walls.

Set your world on fire.


Down to your bones,

deep in your soul,

you have always wanted to know.

Love is a traitor,

a little you show,

quick like the blade

slips in like the cold,

tickles along your spine,

tempts you to give up control.


Just let it go.

Just let it go.

Just let it go.

Just let it go.


Whisper in your ear,

you’re not like the world.

Such a special one.

Love was made to hurt.

Pain was made to know.

Blood was meant to bleed.

Taste it on your tongue.

Never fill the need.


The grip is binding tight.

Its bite is worse than ice.

I’ll let you shiver in the cold,

but never letting go.

Under your skin I’d like to crawl.

You can’t do anything at all.

You’re such a beautiful device,

you’ll be the skin I wear tonight.


Never let go.


HG – 2016


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