Our Peace Country Home

The season is changing again

and I’m tired of this town,

but I’m stuck to you

and I’m alright with that.


Not much changes,

up here,

under the immeasurable sky.

The coyotes sing

and the Aurora Borealis dances,

 a shimmering, gossamer scarf

across the sky.


It’s no secret that I miss the mountains

and you say that there isn’t much

keeping you here,

except your parents.

But me,

I’ve come to love this place.


Sure, I get sick of it

from time to time,

but I’d get sick of most other places

a whole lot quicker.

Things that bother the world,

don’t bother us here.

It’s peaceful;

I suppose that’s why they called it

The Peace Country.


As much as I love taking you places

and exploring the world with you,

I do love coming back here.

This is where we have made our home.

North of damn near everything

and away from the noise

that deafens the hearts of so many.


The seasons are changing again

and I’m sick of this town,

but I think I’ll stick around

and listen to the coyotes sing,

and watch the Northern Lights in the sky,

dancing a ribbon through the atmosphere

and hold you close.

Because I love you

and this is our Peace Country.

This is our home.


HG – 2016


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