Momma Song

When I was young,

my momma told me,

that I don’t have to be afraid,

but she was wrong;

was she ever wrong.


As I grew up,

wise men told me,

there’s an end to all this pain,

but they were wrong;

were they ever wrong.


It turns out that getting by

is easy only if you try,

but if you dream,

prepare to be


You can pray,

for hope and change,

but you best stay in your lane,

or you’ll start to wish

that you never existed.


Momma, there’s so much to fear

outside the safety of your arms,

but I’m learning to be strong

with every failure.

I’ve been weak

and I’ve been wrong,

but it’s like I can’t go on,

when I realize

time’s doing no more favours.


The pain it fades,

until it stays

and we have far more yesterdays,

that tomorrows

as time winds away our lives.

It’s all just part

of the game,

that goes away


the struggle is enough one at a time.


So momma,

please don’t worry,

I’m doing just fine.

Woke up on the right side

of the dirt.

A little fear,

a little hurt,

is such a small price to pay,

for today.

I’m only gonna worry about today.


HG – 2016


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