What We Love Before Dawn

We are betrothed

to our secrets.

Promised completely

to that which we hold

closest to our hearts.


We have whispered vows

in the darkness.

When sleep did not find us,

we spoke to our hidden hearts,

deep things

that never see the light.



in the darkness before morning,

we reach out for them,

as if needing comfort

that they are still there.


We court our shrouded selves

with guilt and admonishment,

keeping a tight hold on our secrets,

as if they might escape us.


More than we admit,

they make us who we are.

Talismans of our buried nature,

we would be bereft without them.

Lost and listless lovers,

without our hidden selves to hold.


We are to our secrets

grown together,

intricately, inexorably.

Where our hidden lives end

and we begin,

is delineated by no one,

but known in the heart.


Secret selves are night whispers

And embraces before the dawn.


HG – 2016


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