Love Can Hold a Gun

There will always be trouble

and strife will never cease,

so we must remain vigilant

while seeking peace.

We will always be opposed

by forces we do not foresee,

that is why we prepare

for these tragedies.


Wars will never stop.

Pride will never fail.

Liars will always talk.

Fear will drive the nails.

Hate will throw the stone.

Guilt cuts to the bone.

Until it is done,

love can hold a gun.


We seem to protect

celebrities and bank execs,

but we think we’re okay

without some sentinel;

what do we expect?

The enemy is always within.

He doesn’t stop and wave

before his knife slips in.

He doesn’t take to airwaves,

to tell the heroes there’s a bomb,

that only happens on TV,

reality is he has been standing

right beside you all along.


Zealots exist,

always have and always will.

Predators forever hunting for the kill.

These are all our problems,

we must own them,

every one.

Until hate is gone,

love can hold a gun.


Our responsibility.

Our world.

Our home.

Each and every person is free to be their own.

To love, to hold, to dream, believe

and grow.

Without all these old masters fighting for control.

Free to pray.

Free to play.

Free to speak our peace

and disagree.

Freedom to love

all as one,

’til hate is gone

love can hold a gun.


HG – 2016



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