Split Lips

I’m screaming through split lips,

blood running down my face.


Thank you anyway – I’ve done it all to myself.

Can’t blame this pain on anyone else.

So far removed this view is blinding,

shows just how far inside I’ve been hiding.


This bliss is so insidious,

a fine line crossed – not even noticed.

You judge well those in this condition,

your asshole just like your opinion.


Fostering a fatal fascination,

with the bitterness – closed mind – oh, so jaded.

Fixing the idea in your head,

you cast your judgements on me

– Not my reality-

I’d help you understand,

but I’d just be wasting my breath.

I’m just living my life – my way  – until death.


We of the same land,

need no bridges – or opinions;

they know who I am.

Pretention fills the air,

the people fake – the music sucks,

but they look too good to care.

-Won’t find me there-

Drawn out all the darkest pieces of me.

Persisting to judge this falsely.


HG – 2000-2005


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