Attempting to Fashion a Memory Using Bad Software

Clicking little boxes,

cutting little notches,

filling little niches,

watching little watches.

Minutes ticking by,

quiet as I’m cautious.

Remember why you’re here,

try not feeling nauseous.

Kick a window open,

room is full of broken.

Pretty little thing,

smiles as she’s smoking.

Pretending we were there,

is how we got here in the first place.

Wish I could remember

how the words taste;

now on to a worse fate.

We tripped a lot on the sidewalk,

stumbled in the street,

punching in the drywall.

Never had a dream,

spent our nights in the stars,

time slipped past,

like the lights of the cars;

now I’m starved.

Click once for yes

and twice for no.

Or is that twice for yes?

Now I don’t know…

… but anyway…

Wasn’t I just remembering someone?








HG – 2014


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