Lovers in Static

A whisper in a storm drown out my voice, my secrets. Shared through hard interrogation, words I could barely force to utter. You are just a shadow falling from behind your downpour curtain.   I’m not sure you ever heard me, even before the storm, when I was shouting. I think you were just reading […]


Divergent; from a former trajectory, like a shoot comes off the branch to chase the Sun. Auxiliary; but this mutation may be the saving one. The holy throw. Hail Mary full of Grace and vice. Turn us from these sinners, now into our obscurity. Our fates, our ways, no longer what we wanted when we […]

1000 Posts

Today I published my 1000th post to the Hokus Grey Blog, as anticlimactic a milestone as one could expect, but a significant one, nonetheless. I hope you all have enjoyed these pieces and I promise that they will keep coming. Writing is less a choice for me than it is a necessity of life. Like […]


We let Autumn take the rainbow, take the sky, silence the cries. We let our children uncover secrets buried under the leaves we left behind.   Spun like a spider, hid like a viper, we left our hardness to rust and linger. I think we hoped that time would soften what we could not withstand. […]

The Proposal

Would you give me your hand? No, not in a simple union. This time it could be something far greater. A step into the long forever.   Ask me softly if I love you. Again I tell you as I always. You and I have something special, that is why we must move on.   […]

The Heart of The City

She seeks out the eyes with a misdirected smile. Steps quickly in her way, around puddles on the ground, still, like pools of sky, reflecting the grey facades of this old part of town. Sentinels standing guard.   Smart as she’s become, I can’t help but wonder where she goes, what she does; the why […]


There’s no more devil on my shoulder and my angel is long gone, even my dreams have turned to humdrum, I lift my head and carry on. I give short shrift to the apostles of another, loving dawn; it’s pay to play in the their new castles, crowded house and rousing song.   I exit […]