I don’t want to hear your words. I don’t want to see your face. I’m alive. All inside. Hiding in the safest place that I can find, and I’m waiting for you to show me who you are, so I can pierce your heart with my words. My intentions are aimed at causing the most […]

The Adventurer

Pushing off from my center. Setting out to find you. The call to adventure is leaving everything behind you, or so the song says.   Growing sicker in the middle. Making no progress, just accommodations, well intentioned concessions. Letting the enemy in, falling victim to the parasite.   Something in the water that we drink, […]

Me Again

I thought I saw you, only for a moment, passing me by on the street. At first I thought, it couldn’t be, as you were decades ago.   Then I remembered that this world, is not always what it seems, and sometimes the impossible happens.   I thought about it after a while. Long gone […]


It doesn’t matter how deep I read, I don’t understand. So far in, now, the words might be some long-dead language. I ask the follow-up questions, requisite to my investigation, but I’m left as obtuse as I was in the beginning.   Make things straight, right, square with my polar North. I can’t evade the […]

A Splash of Color

How do we escape this beautiful trap we have made? We always complicate the little things. I was inspired by your face, it shone with promise I could never equate. I built a palace for your pain. An indiscretion, I know; one of many. You were a violet in my ivory tower. I couldn’t banish […]

Low Orbit Visuals

Let me burn up. Turns out I’ve been up high for a long while. Higher than I’ve ever been. Not trying to touch the sky, but trying to be the wind. I think that maybe we are made for this. It only gets easier, every launch, every lift. We can stay up here forever. Oh, […]

Day After Day

Broken shafts of light stab through the eyes. Morning comes, and I wake, to lay with my crimes. The feathers of fallen angels still tickle my mind, as I lay here, in the most abandoned of times.   There is no more lonely time than the dawn. Awake with no other, just another thing wrong. […]