I act like I never knew them; the old ghosts, the revenants. They played a part, no small review, but I rejected their aplomb.   Not that ghosts are out of fashion, nor do the old, jangling chains distract, but instead I am immune now to the temptations of my past. I just didn’t want […]

A Friendly Reminder…

Don’t forget, you were a tragedy and at the same time triumphant. They’ll try to take away your wings if they see you flying, so reach high, so far up their weapons cannot reach you. Then, when you land, smash the Earth with every atom you can muster.   They’ll never let you live down […]

Snake Eyes

I guess I should have known from the very beginning that you were something special; a reptile, or an instrument. Coiled in your scales and mystery, vaguely hinting at your weapons, something sharp and made with purpose. An irrepressible deduction.   Eyes like those are seldom hopeful, so befitting your derision. I was about to […]


So, this is the morning in February’s malaise. Doesn’t this kind of thing normally wait for summer? The beleaguered cadence, the mild hostility that breeds indifference and malice. Oh, how I have missed you, my cunning rabbit warren of reason and hatred and vanity. The world is so boring, so righteous, so indignant, without your […]


Find me sitting in the silence, looking out the window, listening to the wind, watching the world change.   These days, I’m a mess, but I’m not violent. I’m ashamed, but not accusing; sick of my metaphors.   Drained of all my venom and alcohol. Never tasted malice. Never had a tongue for names.   […]

Chasing an Itch

In one more hour I’ll be gone; your Monday morning reckoning. Yeah, it’s been fun, but now it’s not. These holy days are over.   We stayed up late, we watched the Sun rise over our naked bodies. That was Saturday and Sunday bled out quickly.   A casual “Hello” that fell into a kiss […]


This is the push, this is the pull, caught in the revolution. Revolving doorways passed over the burdened magnificent.   There were no adulations in the coliseum, only hungry eyes and deadly cares. Hyperbole, the selfless,  truant victim stood in place of God and every one of us.   I was an old airplane. I […]