A Thousand Miles an Hour

I quit a long time ago, stretching my legs across the high places. She, that unassuming mistress, coaxed me down from above the clouds and held me down, for a little while.   Never really knew I needed water, that taproot split the soil and I sipped, all at once from the fountain in the middle […]

Magnetic Liquid Metal

It’s magical, the way the universe draws you closer to me. No distance can succeed to separate us; at least, not for very long.   There was a spark, a live connection, that set our entities in tune. A chord that struck a resonation within our consciousness, encompassing all of me, all of you.   […]

Summer Out West

Days drift on long summer shadows, morning kisses, simple whispers of a million leaves’ secrets.   Clear sky, powder blue, swept wisps of tangled clouds over the tops of mountain walls, secure in their veneration.   Straight trunked sentinel forest gave way to long, lush prairie on one side and impossibly high cliffs on the […]

How I Imagine it Will Go

My submissions were rejected with pointed inferences and a jaundiced turn of phrase. Sneering and derisive, as if I had just pulled out my dick and pissed my first stanzas across the top of that fine mahogany desk.   The idea Of frittering away more minutes in the company of stuffy balloon men and rat-faced […]

I Told You So

  I wanted to speak to you; just a few words, to tell you you were right all those years ago when you said I’d found a way to ignore all the people that cared, so that I could chase my own desires and that one day it would cost me all the most precious […]


Every day we struggle through the same old spiral. Trying to be, but not quite finding a way. Get a grip, then it slips on the next stage.   It’s like chrysalis that doesn’t change a thing; we don’t gain our wings, we are the same as ever. As if at some crucial moment, we […]

Working Backwards

I am reverse engineering this life. I know what I want, I’m just trying to get there. Piece by piece, I fit in, with the illusion of purposeful action. Just stick to the scripture and I will be fine.   Only the best of intentions pave that shiny road and down we go. Constant over […]