Building a Time Machine

Rather than linger here upon the edge of today, I cast my thoughts about,  my gaze scans the horizon, three hundred and sixty degrees. Up and down, in and out and I find there’s nowhere I would rather be then right here, right now, in this precious moment.   I gave my dystopian past one […]


Dream big. Dream so fucking big that the idea is unstoppable. Be a magnum force. Be untameable.   Never let the world tell you who you are, or what you can become. Sure, you’re going to have your own ideas and you’ll doubt them because all of our ideas are doubtful and we are skeptical […]

Something for Everyone

Dumb it down, dumb it down even further. One more notch, one more step for this must be heard and understood by absolutely everyone.   Draw it down, draw it down, now even further. I want this to touch you, reach you, and meet you inside.   Drop it down to the bottom, scraping at […]


Maintaining just enough of this illusion, to trick you, draw you in, but we both know that this game is getting thin. Every time I slip on this skin, I tear a little more at the edges.   I’m afraid I’ve strayed too far and strained your heart. We’re fraying at the seams and it […]


We don’t really save each other. Not really in our nature. We close with and destroy, evoke the primal senses. Beckoning in temptation, but we aren’t built to break limbs for each other, lift up each other’s burdens. Drag my cross to Golgotha. Stand in the face of danger. If we were, those who did […]


This is it. This is the moment where we step up to the window, to the cliffs edge, and forget our contemplations, just exist in this moment. All the universe has made it possible for us to fall forever, there is no gravity great enough to drag us down, we have to step willingly. No […]

Right Side of The Dirt

Waking in a cold sweat, naked in the dark. Confusion bends the light from the crack in the door. As my senses find me, I clutch my skin to my body. I am cold and it’s relentless, this seductive consciousness. There is a day beyond this darkness, hot and cold, I’m running anxious. Protect what […]