Slow Apocalypse

I thought there would be more noise, more fire and destruction, wailing and lamentations, war and smoke and blood and darkness. Instead, the only noise I hear is intolerant, incessant whining.   Don’t people know that we woke up post-apocalyptic? We no longer get to dream. This is it. The world is over. Not sure […]


Watching you fade, watching you waver, roll and stumble. I can’t prevent this collision I see coming.   Wish I could end your pain and all your suffering, but I can’t pretend I’m a hero, or a doctor.   I’m just barely your friend and between you and me I’m not all that together. If […]

The Pen

My eyes hurt from looking, for searching, from reading deep into the intricate interactions of the animal, animated, digitized and oblivious vitriol weaponized, attempt to assimilate or kill.   Words are weapons, of this I am sure, but something requiring a bit more skill, a bit more knowledge of the subject, the timing and the […]

Bad Tenacious

We argue about holding on and letting go. when to meander long, when to stop short. I know that you see the same things through more beautiful eyes and in a different way than I might realize.   I was a little boy when I was made this way, did all I could to change, […]

The Dream Mountains

Mind is shut, distracted and over the line again. Can’t let this go; not a place I’m remembering, instead, something unknown. Familiar, as if a dream I’ve seen over and over.   A high place. A great escape. The mountains call me home, but somewhere I have never been, peaks I’ve never known. Away from […]

Bones and Ashes

Mark the time. I’m leaving forever, now. Open and wide in range. Suffering indiscretions. Long as we all shall find hedonist to our masters. Taking my hands away. So, this is how it all ends.   Imagine; one thing I could do, one thing I would do, one thing I will do to make it […]

Ultima Thule

Hunger that just won’t be filled, not by the light of a gas station sign. Deep, buzzing hum of a million watts of power shaking back the night and chilling off cheap beer and sour milk.   There is a life that never satisfies. Never slakes the thirst, or drains the bag. One that almost […]