Kill myself so I can be reborn. Restrain myself, so I can break me free. Submerge myself, so that I can breach the surface. Hold myself down, so that I can fly away. Wretched are the dichotomies, standards set too low, double standards mandatory, for the fledglings still have no feathers, and it is […]

Invisible Walls

  Trapped behind invisible walls. Sitting here triggering atomic bombs. Never feel the blast, don’t know if they’re going off at all. I guess we don’t really know whose time we’re on.   Sit out in the rain just to watch the storm. Outside I am cold, but in my mind I’m warm. A little […]

Out of the Blue

  I don’t understand and I’m not sure I ever will. Time is short; too short for the curious. It doesn’t end here, or so the stories go, but it doesn’t seem like we get to hang around.   Wondering why is sometimes like trying to live breathless. There’s no point to deny all of […]

Forward and Down

Like shooting stars, like the many arms of a connection on an automaton. Crashing down again, the most simple plan; gravity is the cord dragging this whole thing forward and down.   Never set the sights higher than the eyes. Keep the brightest light slightly to your right. The world is in your hands, bound […]

The Lighthouse

I hear you struggling through the waves, I can’t see you from the shore. The night is dark, the wind, relentless and the roar of crashing surf dissembles.   You were so sure. You were so solid, your direction beyond question. You set out in your own power, confident of your ability.   Now I […]


The insurmountable obstacle of writing dreams. The subject matter is so tempting, the vistas so alien and raw, the emotions so visceral; we are drawn back to them as fuel for our creations. The “Inspiration Junkyard”, where we might pick and choose what odd and strange thing we need to add that purely personal touch […]

The Dream

The dream is a tumble through madness. The flicker of pictures feeding a candle flame, but the flame is not fire and the dream is not a dream; it is as real as any other reality.   In between waking, we encompass the abandoned, struggling towards them, as if we never did ignore them. Our […]