You wake up with eyes that glimmer, night sky wise, deep and endless. First breaths stretch into your new skin; this is a new day. all is yours.   After a minute of foggy headed, get your wits about you, you never abstain. Just shrug into the day. Don your burdens like an old coat. […]

The Dawning Blade

  Good morning, Citizens. This is a warning. Magnificent isn’t it. The dawning of a new day. The drawing of a new blade; each one comes prepared to be the last one we will ever need. It all depends on where we place our eyes.   Look up to the sky. Bow your head a […]

Danger Close

I grow tired of even my own deceptions. Survival was never assured, so I think, I have held on to the masquerade long enough. Division traps the soul and envy drowns her siblings. Familial, every betrayal is by nature close to home.   Devoured in chaos? Simple, walk away. We all have the power to […]


Crack this old skin open and let the new, shiny and iridescent, glimmer hope and baby soft layer expose to the light of day.   Grey and ways of hopeless now gone, grave deep and waterous. It’s a tough slog these days, no matter whose gains you covet. Can’t even climb into bed without a […]

In Tatters

  I watched you there, dancing in my skin. It hung in tatters from your delicate limbs. My bones were shattered, but I took them up again; a disaster, but it was not the end. You pumped my blood with your perfect heart. Through your veins, I knew just from the start, that you were […]


  What are doing? What are you doing, here? Just answer the question. I thought you’d be long gone by now.   Turning my safest situation into a cannonball. I am gunpowder, packed tightly and you and I are guaranteed a spark.   Isn’t it enough that we know we could just raze all this […]


Sometimes, it just comes out in words. It’s always words, even the images are words first, then the screaming starts.   The fight is all we know. The visceral cognition, learned early, bred deep, beyond the bones.   Let the heavens have the stars, we have fire of our own and we’re going to let […]