Strange days. Early Christmas. Double shifting, the psychotic’s analog. Hither lies the breeding ground for strange and voluminous mitochondria seed beds. Grow my pretties. Spread and disseminate. Pumping out words like sludge backflow. Industrial runoff. The real bad kind. Two headed fish and birth defects. Toxic Earth words. “Simmer down, shorty, you’re giving yourself too […]

It’s a Madhouse!

I keep asking, but I know I’m wrong. The days get shorter and the nights get long. The mind plays tricks, and the band plays on, just don’t let the crazy out. Don’t let the crazy out. Don’t let the crazy out. Don’t let the crazy out.   The dark lies cold. Unaware are the […]

Salvation’s Wings

All of this could be a lie. I could be your homicide. All my life I have tried to make it up, but I decline.   Nothing ever satisfies. You do yours and I’ll do mine. At the end the horizon dies. Blue to red then back in time.   I lost time. I lost […]


It is Remembrance Day here in Canada, Veteran’s Day in the U.S., a day that brings reflection, sombre thoughts and feelings of thanksgiving… and guilt. In my life, I never served my nation. I never served anyone, but myself. My best years, when other young men and women tried their worth in the most noble […]

Eleven Past Eleven

Originally posted on Hokus Grey:
The leaves fall better in September, then they are gone by the middle of November, when we stand in the snow and we remember; the fallen ones and the sounds of distant guns.   I ask only to stand in silent witness. My moment of remembrance, mercy and forgiveness, but…

Lost Men

I wanted to be happy for you. You had so much to celebrate. It was cold and the winter wind had blown the sky away. I was young; not to make excuses, but it just didn’t occur that this would change you.   We had spent all our summers high and getting higher and now, […]

Broken Comfort

A silent morning, still and frozen. November eyes hold up the latter half of a long year and I find broken comfort in the moment.   Try as I might, I can’t fumble my way through the time change. Falling back used to be so easy.   Dark in the morning. Dark in the evening. […]