Nothing comes for free. Time races though our veins shortening our days like a hungry wind. Everything costs everything and there is no bargaining with the collector. Covet and clamour to be sated, but that gnawing in the pit of your stomach is a reminder that you are a ticking time bomb.   Sunlight’s last […]


I think I’m gonna need a second. Hold on, let me brace myself… … now; lay it on me, Brother. I can see this is about to get so fucking heavy. Tell me all of your opinions, straw man and abominations. Weak and uneducated, but spit directly from the pulpit.   Tell me what you […]


Trying to grow a new thing, to conceive of a future where we’re not at war, where we’re not alone; strong roots and stronger branches.   I tried my best to prepare my soil; the darkest earth and plenty of shit. I let it sit awhile, creating something good. Planted row by row, possibilities.   […]

05.21.18 – A Few Words

I don’t do enough of these, these kind of updates and personal anecdotes. I like to think that everyone is just here to see the work, without the ego and the trappings of the modern writer, or blogger, that cast themselves always in the central role of their story. Not that there’s anything wrong with […]


There is Sun leaking in through drawn blinds stinging the corner of my eye and beckoning me to come past my inhibitions.   There’s a drawing of a tree that I made when I was young, it was my alma-mater, my blood pact with reality.   I never faded, I only grasped on to whatever […]


The hush before the roar, the calm before the storm the smell of ozone in the air before the rain falls. The straight stretch before the curve, the draw of breath before I speak the words; so peaceful.   All this is gonna go, either up in smoke, or swallowed up in the afterglow with […]

A Mosquito Sacrifice

This is the time that I will finally give to you and your designs, to do with what you will, for I just wasted mine; a worthy sacrifice. I hope that you are sated, but I’m not done unwinding myself from the lie. Here’s another tie. This is my desire, sharpened to a knife that […]