Gone Again

  A strong pull, seemingly out of nowhere, and I’m off again; gone in an instant.   We play a dangerous game, you, me, and the universe, each begging the other, just to say as we were for one more moment.   I can’t believe I even have to say the words that have been […]

Battle Song

  These are the words that made our home. These are the songs that flesh our bones. The stories that make our warriors take their lives out on the road.   The fires that burn to keep the cold at bay on a winter’s night. A tale that’s told of a battle old, to keep […]

Living Illuminated

  Turning the lights on was as easy as flicking a switch. Now that I can see, I know what I’ve been missing. The dark is a terrifying void, but you know who you are when the madness comes and goes.   now that I can see, I’ve never been more confused. The words on […]


  Fail to feed the fire, watch it die and the night close in. Darkness and destruction are the reward for our sins.   Claim we made a way, but in the end, we betrayed those who depended on our blades.   Our steel is old, now too, our hearts neglected. Fields fallen fallow and […]

Make it Easy

. If I could make it easier for you to say hopeful a little while longer, give you the smile from my face, hold you in my arms and let the world just disappear; I would. I can. I will. . You don’t have to believe me. God knows I’ve lied enough. Disappointment has a […]


  “It always ends this way.” She says, holding the shards and slivers. She’s cut her hands again, deep, down to the bone. Wounds that will heal, eventually.   “I guess that’s what I get for touching things.” She laughs, despite the pain. Blood stains her legs and runs down to the floor.   Every […]

Facing my Reflection

  Wasted off another long gone yesterday. The mirror can’t lie, not as well as I can, and my eyes adjust to the darkness of a future sky, never known, worst fears actualized.   Something isn’t right. Some critical failure has been allowed to cause cascading crashes in our mainframe. Virus animated, introduced organically, diabolically […]


  Red and white flowers grow on the bluffs that overlook the ocean, the only color that breaks this granite sky. The cliffs, the sand, the grass, devoid of color, as if this late autumn wind has blown away the life.   This used to be a picture postcard place, before time and its demons […]


  We buried it all and hoped we would forget. Pass the time, until the spring came, shallow talking. Never breaching the deep, or exploring further. Knowing every word could wake our newly dead.   In a town like ours, there are dark places and vacant doorways, where shades and shadows hide. Too many ghosts, […]

A Soft Turn

  I struggle to find a way to escape this place and tell you what I feel, what I think, who I am.   Locked away in this child’s prison I have long out grown.   The rags of a once proud flag hang in the courtyard, colors faded, but there is no question what […]


  I just want to break like a wave and run upon your shores, soaking into you, then back into the endless sea.   Building up energy, rolling back into myself, releasing completely, until there is nothing left, and I am gone like the tide for a while.   Carrying a weight is not a […]

The Executioner

  Pushing it fast past this concrete rubble jungle. Straight out into night. Sky lights, feel the rumble. High, but I’m alright, despite the narrative. There’s care in the words, but they’re not the imperative. Switch from water to wine. Assaulter, to caught behind enemy lines. Times change faster than hands to the slaughter. Remember […]


   Run out of time, behind a fine line. Out of my mind, leave it behind.   I’m stepping out into the gale, naked as the day I was born. Cast aside my mantle frail, betting on this fragile form.   Woke to the day, made a new way. I’m still afraid, but I can’t […]

Black Ribbon

  This piece of black ribbon marks the page, keeps my place, shows me where I am. Such a little thing, drawn out, inexplicably to great consequences.   Snapping a change in perspective. Not sure where I really am, and then, I see me in strange clarity.   Never saw it all from here. All […]

Big Sigh

  Taking a deep breath, holding it in for just a second. I didn’t know whether you’d laugh or cry. In that one, uncertain moment I saw the fear in your eyes.   Long exhale; just like you’ve been underwater for a while. Just a sigh, and eyes skyward, like you’re searching for your smile. […]

Apocalypse Attracts

  When did she decide to be the harbinger of our destruction? She came in as an agent of change, the catalyst in our reaction.   We suffered the words and the blades, that sought to drive us ever onward towards what we thought would be paradise, to all exclusion.   But, here we are […]

Between Awakenings

  Closing my eyes, listening to my skin, feeling a vision come over me.   Buried in these sensations what once was pain and endless uncertainty, gets washed away and I am floating here between awakenings.   Always was a firm believer. Not one to question, until there was nothing left, and all I had […]

The Wall in the Garden

  Your voice speaks little to me. What I hear, is stifled by this wall between us. Once thin as a bridal veil, now, concrete, reinforced with steel.   We agreed that it was best if we had something between us, to protect us from each other.   Gone are the days we grew up […]

November Nights

  Speak my last soft words to the green leaf of the clover field. The day has grown long, only in its absence. Soon, the cold hand of night will have its way, and lost souls will take their rest, if they can find any.   The frost will first light upon the grass, before […]