Talking Politics

I thought I had lost you. I took that last corner hard, shook the mind of reason, but there you are, clinging on like grind Death to the trailing edge of this insane dogfight of an existence.   Now, through the briar patch. You thought the flat desert, wide open scrub brush was bad? Well, […]

Breaking Ground

Tear at the ground. Is it destruction, or building? Can there be one creation without the other one?   We make worlds. We kill everything and everyone, just to plant the seeds of oblivion. Is that what you meant by “Progression”?   Together, hand in hand cooperation, enabling each other’s condition. Manic, homicidal, Homo Sapiens. […]


Push it all aside, all the meaningless, convenient thoughts left in your mind. Try to reach beyond the feelings, somewhere we will find that even when our bodies fail us, we’ll still climb.   Never known what to say. I’ve wasted a million words, then moved to action anyway. Plain as the day; I tried […]

Called Home

Draw me close. Hold me. Don’t let me float away on a winsome breeze. Cold and insincere, I was unable to keep me down.   Always curious in ways that led me wrong. You came and instantly, I wanted to go home. I was lost in the boundaries.   You pull, I push. You give, […]

A Sentence of Life

Blood stains the hands and features, there’s no wringing out, there’s no getting clean, there is only one way out of this terrible situation.   I say, try breaking down the doors, try every window, if they hold, then make your own. Comfort and confuse, that’s what Insane will tell you.   Trapped like an […]


It’s a trap, meant to lure you in. Soft speaking, light and smile, but not the kind that shows how sharp those incisors are.   Snake-like, behind the eyes. Every motivation like the rippling current. Hold your hand and drag you under. There are some embraces worth dying for.   Hold me down like opiates, […]