Maddening as is may seem, starting over is somewhere, better than nowhere, but no better than anything else.   These are all poems written in the dark. Conversations with shadows and dust motes and dried, dead salamanders who never made the break for Cry Freedom.   Never gave the time of day to the orchestrators, […]


There is joy in the little things, like eyes and smiles and laughter. Their short duration only makes them more valuable to us.   Our lives are short. Our dreams so big. Our hopes can fill the universe, but fleeting moments that capture our hearts are the jewels that light our night sky.   If […]

Someone Else’s Memories

Images flash in my head. A passing scene, no explanation. An empty room, a restaurant, a broken car, burning California.   The might-have-beens, the never-was. Expectations tepid and contaminated. Eyes shut now were open then. The memory always Midas standards.   A mountain top, a valley floor made crystalline in winter. Never made an eye, […]


Never enough time, or enough words, or too many words and no way to say them.   I have only a moment in the universe’s life to shine, to scream, to burn.   I’ll tear a hole in the fabric of reality, just to show you I was here.   Even if I am a […]


Fortune favors the bold. The meek inherit the Earth. The Sun will explode, killing our planet, if some rock from outer space doesn’t do it first.   Promises, promises…   I’m going to write the Great American Novel. I’m going to eat right, no more smoking and drinking, and be healthy. I’m going to buckle […]

March of The Sky Gods

I’ve grown tired, but that doesn’t mean I can stop. It’s an endless cycle, circle that I find myself in now.   Start at the end, in the middle, it didn’t matter. A minute longer and I would persuade myself it all wasn’t worth it.   Comfort has long been estranged from any type of […]

A Duet

Would you teach me the words to all your secret songs? Would you let me become one of your only ones? Would you ever let me in? Show me where you begin? Open your world to me? Sing your song to me.   We are all a little bit lost and found. I just want […]