In Free Fall

I caught myself in a free fall, it felt like zero gravity. Infinite bliss.   In the absence of a plan, run towards chaos and kill everything; such a simple axiom. Better to be dead than to speak words that are blameless.   In between the sky and the ground is every opportunity.   I […]

Puzzle Box

Emotional, at least I thought you were. Both of us never in doubt. Hopeful, without benefit of anything that told us so; we went on faith.   Now it seems as if we were wrong, in oh, so many ways. Learning the hard way, that hope is not a prayer. Maybe we were idle when […]


The days are getting longer, with each morning burning up the sky. Every evening stretching out the light and the eyes change to compensate.   Never been so sure in my whole life. Always been wrong, clutching a scientific mind, but these days march with the in crowd to the beat of our own drum. […]


So here I am; breathing in your sweet perfume and getting drunk. Oxygen, that prime motivator, cuts off again and I’m adrift once more.   Half way there to an exquisite climax, then back again; down, down, down. The avenues always played my anthems and whispered love to all my lonely nights.   Kind of […]

The Mountain

So high up, the air is thinner. The wind blows almost constantly. My bitter friends, my ravaged ego, left below many miles ago.   Still ascending; all there is up here is the mountain, the sky and what I’ve left behind. The bitterness, the disappointment, that dogged me in my life.   The Octopus, the […]

Dragonfly Wings

Trying to show or give some indication life remains inside, but bringing it to bear is more than I have the strength to do.   Comatose, but just less so. Tired, run down, or simply terrified to move. Hiding from reality, or maybe just abstaining from the game. Stop the world, again. I’d like to […]

Live Coals

Long buried embers still smoulder, here in this frozen night. Owing to the fortitude of the construction and the labours spent therein.   Didn’t think they’d still be burning, even after all these years, but it seems that I build bonds to burn a lifetime. It goes to show what I invest.   Never think […]