Like an Angel

I have the words, but I dare not speak them; not sure my tongue could sound them out. I have the strings, but I cannot play them; out of tune and out of touch.   I’m afraid that the beat is shaking, as my heart trembles in my chest; suffering erratic palpitations, this is why […]

Hungry Ghosts

Perhaps, the world might indulge me for a moment and let me alight up on some old ghosts, shake the dust off the shackles and wake the dead. Who desire nothing more than to have their story told. for Hell, my friends, is to be forgotten.   Life doesn’t pick favorites and it sure as […]

Look Both Ways

I’ve got that “I’m missing something” feeling, picking at my brain and I’m not sure if I’m seeking in the wrong place.   Is it something long forgotten? A past touchstone? A memory that makes up who I am and more?   Did someone whisper to me a secret that I was to keep and […]

Beneath Fire’s Sky

It is the burning sky; that oh, so high divide that drives us apart, sends us seeking clarity. Stars blacked out by billow freedom veil; under a smudge sun, ravens flock like murders.   Run like a hunted stag through the undergrowth. Dive from the heights of the mountains’ cornice. Never been much for concrete […]


In between the lines, is what they really think of you. Their smiles are all teeth, all the better to devour you with. It’s something in between their eyes and their hands outstretched that makes you scream out that they are no friends.   I’d rather trust the storm of infinity than be so deceived […]

Everyone’s Afraid

No one knows the way to the other side, but they say they know the place and the time that makes the pain go away. If it’s safe, they’ll tell you that they don’t really know. Everyone’s afraid the same.   Hope is a gift left reserved for the dislocated. Time is the door and […]