This is going to have to do for now. All I have is this moment to make the world make sense. Ten minutes from now, the world could be absolute chaos, but I only need it to make sense right now, in this moment. Wrap my mind around the problem, like I’m grappling with an […]

Out of Darkness

A dark corner, face dismayed. I never saw you look that way before.   I use light words, reach out, attempt.   I cannot recall what it takes to draw you out.   I am no better equipped to save you than you are to save yourself.   I know darkness, yes, but my darkness […]

Building a Garden Shed

I have a board and a nail and I’m going to build something good. I need another board and a whole bunch of nails and the knowledge to work; to shape, to plan, to see.   Is this thing that I am building there in the future? Does it stand tall, strong, and proud? Does […]

Web Spinner

I’ve been lying about everything for so long, I can’t hide myself behind the lines of my transgressions anymore.   I told myself, I was sparing you the worst of me; a harsher reality, but instead, I was tying myself up in my own spider web of insecurity.   I tried my best one or […]

Be An Early Riser

Sometimes is better than no times, but not as good as always. You will not remember that which you don’t value. Try to wake up, forcing your eyes open. Get up and be worthy of every enemy.   We forget that the touch of our hands is a deadly thing. We forget our atomic minds, […]

Voice Box

I’m just a voice. Hear what I say. You make your choice, living this way. Out in the sky, so far away. We’re all gonna die and every knows, but nobody says.   Maybe that’s why I’m speaking at all, to hear my own voice before I fall. Raise my eyes, I could be anywhere […]

The Custodian

Catch me in dreams. Leave me by the light of morning, vanishing with the hues of purple-blue and violet wonder. Before you were you, I was more than an idea, insinuating through your synapse forest at my leisure. I was not a lost response, an adaptation weeded out by evolution and convenience. You restrained me […]