As human beings, we have the opportunity to choose, to some degree or other, what environment we grow in, what feeds us and what choices we make. To take advantage of the freedom of self determinations and “Free Will”, we must first take ownership of the influence we possess over ourselves, the weight of our choices and […]


  Don’t speak of what is inside. Don’t give life to your fear. Inside you are caught up in a million hallways; a labyrinth of catacombs.   Reaching out would be a futile gesture, genuine though your intent may be. Reaching inside, is like sticking your hand in a bee hive, or a lion’s mouth. […]

Blue Sky – New Dawn

  She isn’t’ going to argue with you; there’s not enough time left in the day. It’s such a hopeless situation, why put those struggles on display? She knows the day is coming soon, when she’s going to leave this room and cross into a new, brighter point of view; now she’s leaving you.   […]


  Which one of us is gonna give in to the next great unknown? Variegated purple, blue horizon. Soul quenching, secret deep.   Instead of fighting, baring our teeth and making weapons of whatever we touch; if we imagine, if we just let our hands hang empty at our sides and realize there’s a place […]


4 new pieces about fire and rebirth.   Fire. Everyday starts and ends with fire. Fire is the heart that beats within the chest of passion. Fire is the cosmic quickening by which all things are birthed. From Alpha to Omega. Above us and below us. Combusting, and metabolising matter into energy, into life and […]

Fiery Orange Sunset

  Some people love the rush. Others like the taste. Some say they want to know, but they won’t go, they’re too afraid. Some say they love the touch, the sound the Armageddon makes; I think they’re full of shit. I think they’re curious, but they say that they have it figured out, they have […]

Lost Roads

  Moving fast, now; I don’t think there’s time to reign in the motion, or stop and correct course. If you’ve forgotten anything; well, you’ll have to learn to live without it. This is an unplanned get-away. A pack up and go, now; type of situation.   Burned too many nights at the altar of […]