Compromise right into the ground. Angle to the sky consort with better angels. The struggle in the mind makes the flesh weak and the world want. There is no Paradise for the driven.   Hope is discomfort. Love is losing it all. The days spent in quiet contemplation are all gone. The clouds finally recede […]

Super Natural

I remember the day that I lowered my expectations, thinking; “I will never be hurt or disappointed ever again.” I was wrong.   Oh, how I have paid such a bitter price and now that I know my mistake and I try to raise the level of my eye, I find I’m under so much […]

Roller Coaster

Burning through another mad cycle. High Low Never touch the brakes. They’re burned out, ripped out by the momentum and I think the lines were cut, anyway.   Another up, another down. Struggle to maintain the movement. At these velocities things can come apart so quickly, you won’t feel the pain that kills you.   […]


The will dissolves. Called down from the scaffold, the Damned is led away. No more opiates for the masses. This is a hungry love, it never comes easy. It is earned by burns and society’s arbitration.   Consciousness  fades away, and in the warmth of the never full, barely hear the heart beat. Just a […]

Smoke Signals

The year dissolves with a snap of the fingers and the Sun goes grey and the birds leave early. The exalted tongues drip wet with taste, for there is fire coming and they eat destruction.   The only thing that has not survived this initial salvo, this blitzkrieg run, has been reality and the Art […]

Mirror Pool

Still and  serene, the surface stares back. The mirror pool reflecting the Sun. Sometimes, clear enough to see deeper in the depths below.   A breeze blows, rippling the image, distorting a perfect plane, until they rise up to snap and break. Wave forms, transforming perfect tension in one violent action, followed by a million. […]

Silent Underground

Heaven is above you; that’s what they tell you. That’s what they say when they want your eyes elsewhere. Here comes the flood. Here comes the hailstorm. Open your  mouth and sigh until you drown.   Only the fools still waste away. In the sunshine of haste they play. Amazed they still remain, accepted and […]