How do we keep the climb? End of the mountain now. Up there is only sky, trying to hold the clouds. Can’t even scale the rain as it is falling down. How do we keep the climb, when we’ve run out of ground?   Guess I’ll attempt to fly. Reach for the stars above. That’s […]

Dichotomy and Crimson

I tried to go the easy route. I tried to lie and twist my words, but they soured on my tongue. I tried to use the world as my entertainment, rather than my muse; the humbling shock of failure.   I tried to paint you the perfect picture, with all of my blacks and whites. […]

Fake News

Connected inside of this mausoleum. To echo in, receiving what we are screaming. No coherence, just confusion. Unable to tear away a single voice in the noise. A dance melee.   Started out an ordinary day, until the shout; Chaos joined the fray. Purge begins when the finger finds the unclean; then the fires start. […]


Putting things in place that sand castle life and I can see the waves coming in, but there is no time, no escape from the life of a beach dweller on the edge of the cosmic sea.   I hold hope in my hands like driftwood, hoping it will bear me up in the storm. […]

Light Pollution

So much noise and confusion, all I have is me; a temporary shelter. Alien and satisfactory, enclosing in the stars above.   Whenever I feel alone, I just look up and then I know there’s only a few thousand miles between me and everything else.   My feet are on the ground, but does that […]

Eyes Closed

When I close my eyes I can see the sky, I can see light coming in through the trees. I can see you looking at me and smiling. I can see stars, I can see safety. I’m in a cave, peeking out at the world. Drawing me out to the ocean to wonder, to the […]

Turn Over

Another cold morning. Exhale clouds and inhale the death of another summer. Soaking the fire deep into the coals. Turning to charred carbon and empty space the wide forest.   This is where the new thing comes from. It cannot reside in a concrete box, at least, not for very long. It cannot be found […]