Alternate Ending

I wish I had known of your days and moonlit evenings. I wish that I had held the breath of strange and far off places in my lungs. I wish my eyes had seen the vistas, the sights, the unfolding of a life that didn’t die one evening.   I have so many apologies, all […]

Asleep on a Train

Struggling up from a down-low dream, rolling in the riptide. Breaking up with the pressure of a cold embrace, meeting no resistance. A gasp for breath, under an alien sky.   Some of us go down for so long, we don’t know the world when we resurface. Some of us come up in a different […]

The Martyr

I don’t remember ever seeing you happy. Not like you could have been, you just denied yourself.   All of those little wounds added up on you after time and you bled out. Oh, you just faded away.   Don’t act like you don’t owe an apology of two. Baptized into a rare cult of […]

Tile Mosaic

Behind all that noise the sound of nothing. Why must it be oh, so deafening? Drowning out the sounds of my own insanity. I used to hear the sky sing, now there’s this mad cacophony.   I’m ready to die again. Take me up again. Lay me down and let me go on. I’m a […]


Cutting torch hot, bright white that spits steel until the form relents, hostile and angry. Carving will into the world, like rivers that split the land and plates crack deep in the Earth. The turtle moves and the shell rumbles.   Mankind, womankind; other slick additions, let them multiply. Just more food for the world […]

Soft Opening

A little bit, but not too far. Gently now, there’s no hurry. Just easy as your mind allows, softly, then into. This is so fictional. Soft openings rarely get away, before the violent entity, before the climax comes and wipes the slate clean. We all want to ease into the heat, or cold, or this […]

The Long Wait

The ante room, back behind the counter of the old livery, held a secret. Something old and forgotten, but not lost; just waiting. Time isn’t a thing to worry about when one is timeless. The O’oaldedron sat in a corner, under and old desk, covered in cobwebs, and dust, and rags, waiting. Its day was […]