Published! This year I made a promise to myself, that I would start submitting some pieces for publication. I’ve never really been one for doing things the “right way”, but this seemed like a step that I needed to take as a writer. I submitted a few pieces, got a few rejection emails, submitted some […]

Writing Prompt

  Every wound a writing prompt. Every burn a comment liked. Throw away the empty bag when the miracle has been denied.   Right or wrong, or common cause, the infection never heals itself. Caught up in someone’s bad day, turns out that we can’t live life for someone else.   Concrete, warm in the […]

The Next Lockdown

  The days pass and take us along. Sometimes we don’t even notice. The world is such a scary place that sometimes we try to avoid it.   Seems to me we’re doing more of that these days, and lying to ourselves, saying “It’s okay.”   Setting up the perfect moment for our suicide; outfit, […]

First Stage

  Burning out high over Panama. I’m gonna get you there, but I won’t be with you.   You’ll see me burning bright; hot as a star, only to be discarded when you are done.   I’m okay with playing my part, if it gets you so far. We were always going to drift apart. […]


  Yesterday I was strong. Fought the enemies I faced. Took every enemy head on. Held on to my hope and faith. Now, yesterday is gone and all I have is today, I’m afraid to say, I think I’m gonna break.   Saw the cracks in my façade, covered them up with mud and paint. […]

Simple Machines

  Take this and use it to make you the other. Questions. Answers. Irrelevant monsters. Sequestered no longer belligerent destroyers. Suffer the art at the end. No more discipline in the morning. We are simple machines, obsolete computers. As we are, changing is not optional.     HG – 2021

An Abundance of Emptiness

  So many words, so many thoughts, the problem lies in picking one.   Try to grab a star out of the sky, or a handful of the ocean, Even if it can be done, what do we do then, with this thing in our possession?   What purpose does it serve? Are we just […]

In Amber

  She says she’s gonna stay a while. I’m caught up in amber, like something from a long gone day.   She sleeps late, wakes up perfectly. The day is strange enough, to be a promise.   Does her hair, looks in the mirror, but I think that’s where her angels hide.   I ask […]

Police Barricades

  Whether they stand for you depends on where you stand. Look out. Look in. You’re on one side of the fence, or the other. The stall of gaining space does not preclude to choose. There are amazing things happening, but they won’t make the news.   Subtle division, is only done with a significant […]

Conscious Computer

  Under every skin, beneath the flesh, between the bones, somewhere deep inside resides our consciousness.   Not sure who we are, but somehow we tend to be here all the same. No reason, or common element.   The multitude of variables that could be creating individuals, doesn’t seem to correlate with the variety.   […]

Light Bringer

  Life giver, light bringer. Soul is the only way home, no wonder we’re in trouble. We’ve come so far, we’re almost gone.   Does it feel like we’re getting closer to world peace, or total war? Don’t wait for the others, this is what you were made for.   War fighter, insider, bringing it […]

Bait and Switch

  Letting your mind play those old games. Another trick on you comes together, constantly assailing the walls of your sanity.   Never knew that you would do what you did in that single moment. Through all the things you had to choose, we became irrelevant.   No time left for us to talk about […]

The Bell Tolls

  Listen to the bell ring, not knowing for whom it tolls. What idea has passed, what idea has been born? These days we turn with fear in our eyes at every sound. It never used to be this way. What has changed us, now?   The world is the same place it was, the […]

Suicide Pass

  Passing on the outside. Speeding up to make the space ahead. Not confined by the lines, or sequestered in the end.   Looked around, slowed down, thought about it. No reason to stay here. “It’s not allowed.” they said, but what if I took the chance and got away with it?   Even by […]

Meant to Be

  I see the Sun, and maybe for the first time in a long time, I can breathe.   Taking this game way too seriously. When the fun is gone, it’s time to move along.   What’s the point if I can’t smile may way thought this? Winter is always hard. This past year seemed […]


  Stars burn a long way away, it’s the light we need to lead us on our way. Guiding our ships, illuminate the day, explode, and die, and brilliantly create.   Passing through ever single phase. Caught up in the gravity again. pulling apart everything we’ve made. “Hope” is not a word you hear in […]